Service Apprenticeship for Government Excellence (SAGE) Program

Developing human capital excellence in a time of downsizing

Leverage the Talent within Your Organization

The Service Apprenticeship for Government Excellence (SAGE) Program allows government organizations to capitalize upon current resources and talent. While government staff has an abundance of training offerings to choose from, SAGE offers a uniquely targeted, hands-on focus that builds upon the skills, network, and capabilities of government civil servants. Successful performance in a government bureaucracy requires multidisciplinary analysis, relationship management, and a high degree of professionalism. M Powered Strategies thoroughly supports the development of these competencies with a 25-week apprenticeship program by coaching the team through purposeful practical engagement and strategic training, with analysis and measured progress.  

Based on a foundational model and holistic view of professional development, SAGE is designed to enable key resources already embedded in your organization to improve individual and organizational outcomes. Our action-oriented approach is tailored to your needs and organizational mission, while enabling your team to continue to contribute and immediately apply their learning. Your team, from junior staff to top performers will demonstrate tangible growth and emerge more well-rounded and effective than before.

Maximize Current Resources

At M Powered Strategies we understand the value of excellent human capital, which is essential to achieving your organization’s goals.

  • Current Resources, New Perspective. You already have strong talent on your team; SAGE refocuses and refines their skills to develop the components of a high performing team. 
  • Engaged Employees, Better Outcomes. Each apprentice receives one-on-one coaching, diagnostic evaluation, and support to reach his/her goals. With this foundation, your team is set up for long-term progress toward your mission.
  • Individual Growth, Organizational Impact. Developing individual members produces a multiplier effect throughout the organization, generating positive outcomes for your entire team.

Program Details

  • SAGE Program is a, 25-week apprenticeship for a select group of your current team
  • Apprentices continue their full-time responsibilities throughout the program
  • 4+ hours per week are dedicated to after-hours trainings and professional development coaching and monitoring

Launch the SAGE Program with Your Team

Contact Nicole Baillis, Apprenticeship Program Manager, to discuss bringing SAGE to your organization.